Focus topics

PhoeniaConsult supports you along a sucessful layout and implementation of people and organisational development topics. Focus topics are:

Skills Management

An enigmatic term - and often used as busszword.

There are different associations, that result from the respective angle and background of knowledge & exprience. None of the models is wrong or right - each one has its origin in the company context and is therefore relevant.

The understanding of PhoeniaConsult of skills management is affected by the linkage of business and people:

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Learning may irritate as term - why not simply "training" or " "professional development"?

There is a good reason - learning is just more. Some aspects:

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eLearning is a many years' lasting trend with first highs and an quite difficult phase, but now more and mores successfully establishing in companies. This happens not only due to changes and requirements of the market and within companies, but also due to a strongly changed orientation of people to electronically supported communication channels.

The acceptance of electronic learning formats

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Virtual teams

Globalisation, distributed company structures and crossfunctional cooperation lead to a virtual setting of working groups and teams.

This evolves a couple of different scenarios and specially challenges for managers and leaders.

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