Consulting and conceptual services for eLearning

ELearning is a many years' lasting trend with first highs and an quite difficult phase, but now more and mores successfully establishing in companies. This happens not only due to changes and requirements of the market and within companies, but also due to a strongly changed orientation of people to electronically supported communication channels.

The acceptance of electronic learning methods depends on various factors, best to be considered for the implementation. Finally communication often plays the key role, specially during the implemention - independantly for how perfect solutions exist for the portfolio, content, IT and processes.

ELearning comprehends the learning methods, that are delivered or supported electronically. Specially the formats of web-based Training (WBT) and virtual classrooms (VC) play an important role.

The different formats differentiate mainly by the level of individuality and flexibility. A WBT offers e.g. maximal flexiblilty in terms of time, learning depth & broadth, and learning duration - but does not respond to individual questions and is quite elaborate to the provider in creation and maintainance.

A virtual classroom (VC) however can transmit very up-to-date content and also anwer to questions to the users. Limiting factors are a fixed duration an schedule and a professional moderation of the session is key.

One characteristic counts for all eLearning methods - the independany of the location of participants.

In many cases eLearning approaches are combined together with classic face-2-face training to blended learning concepts.

There is a broad market for standard eLearning content, and many topics can be covered well with it. However company specifics need an individual approach. Own productions via autoring tools or specific development can be applied. Other ways are the assignment of well trained VC moderators, podcasts, mobile radio or other suitable methods.

ELearning is mostly provided via internet or intranet preferrably using an online learning platform. Using it, the participant specific activities and working status can be documented, visuealised and utilized. A user can e.g. continue the learning activities exactly from the last point and also document the successful completion. Prerequisite is the commonly used SCORM standard,  that needs to be supported by eLearning module as well as the learning management system (LMS). Very often, the learning management system (LMS) also offers and administers classic face-2-face trainings, and supports workflows for booking and approval of training. A well thought through usage concept and an appropriate customizing are determining an effective an efficient application of an LMS.

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