Consulting and conceptual services for Learning

Learning may irritate as term - why not simply "training" or " "professional development"?

There is a gppd reason - learning is just more. Some aspects:

Learning is an integral  and important part of the PE/OE sttrategiy and intertwines with instruments, that are established or planned in the company - e.g performance management or skills management. Learning should in many parts (e.g. portfolio) directly be aligned with the business strategy.  in this respect learning an its underlying strategy contributes stronly to the implementation of the company strategy.

Informal learning and knowledge exchange via different channels - from direct experience exchange to Wikipedia - the ally play an important role for learning. Many highly individual structures take effect. They can be supported by the company but not really be controlled in a structured way.

Core elements of learning are:

  • Processes -like portfolio management, consulting, operation, communication, and controlling
  • Portfolio - derived from strategy and needs of the company and its employees
  • IT support / learning management infrastructure
  • Strategy and policy / company specific frame for learning
  • Organisation - virtual or classic, to support successful implementation

Structured learning approaches consider these core elements and their multiple concrete and useful specifications. Internal as well as externally supported solutions can be employed and implemented also stepwise.

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