Service offering

hoeniaConsult offers comprehensive consulting and conceptiual services in the area of learning, skills management, and close people and organisational development processes and supports you along the way into practice.

Effective and useful only can be, if it suits.Therefore we put high attention to a good understandig of our customers' needs align the created approaches and solutions to these. Among all individual consideration - there is no need to invent the wheel over again. So you can benefit besides from new an individually created solutions also from proven concepts and solutions, that can be adapted to your environment.

With working in networks with trusted partners in the area of learning IT, content and training provider, PhoeniaConsult also can integrate adjacent topic and therewith create comprehensive concepts and solution. Besides the complementation of the portfolio, with this PhoeniaConsult is also scalable with respect to capacity and can cope with projects of different sizes.

All services can be offered in English or German language.

Modus operandi

Let it be a singular consultation, a workshop, an expert input or also a larger scale project - a basic importance for us is, to gain a clear common understandig of the mandate and the role of PhoeniaConsult in the customer's undertaking in its different stages, and also to calibrate it regularly.

The documentation of of a joint situation analysis, target definition and needs analysis is a good basis for determination of further processing. Besides adequate integration of stakeholders, conception and implementation planning - very often designed as staged concept including a pilot phase.

Feedback and integration of experiences as well as of changes along the course of the project are regarded for in each next step an serve to best fit and quality.